Business delivery specialists:

Eco Xpress Ltd specialise in business courier services with deliveries made for businesses and corporations throughout the UK.  Our experienced loaders and drivers can handle deliveries of unique and valuable items. We can deliver to various business locations such as conferences, offices, warehouses, government agencies and other unusual locations where experience and attention to detail are required.  Eco Xpress can handle set-up, take-down and load for you. Contact us today on 07561 701 993 or email


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Business Couriers

What are Business Couriers?

Business courier services are similar to regular parcel delivery services. However, these specific ones are used by organisations to send important parcels between businesses and individuals alike. Unlike other regular courier services where the parcel has to go through several drivers and one or two depot stations, business ones are direct. It means that the parcel does not get handled by unwanted people in the process.

Benefits of Business Courier Services

  • Time convenience

Many are times when businesses need to send important and time-sensitive parcels to other organisations or individuals. Getting someone from the office to perform this role can be tedious and time-consuming. Therefore, business courier services come in handy. The speed of the delivery using these courier services is faster compared to traditional mail. The fact that the service sees to it that the parcel goes directly to the recipient also reduces the time spent on the road.

  • Cost convenience

Compared to other methods of shipping parcels and documents, courier services for businesses are more affordable. Small businesses, therefore, benefit significantly from these services as opposed to setting up delivery vehicles like in large organisations. Using courier services reduce the costs that would otherwise have been used for fuel and manpower.

  • Reliability

Courier services are also significantly reliable compared to other modes of parcel transportation. The service providers treat the package with the utmost care as a way of ensuring their reputation is intact. This also keeps them from having to pay the cost for lost or damaged packages.

Eco Express Business Courier

Eco Express are a leading courier service provider in the UK offering same guaranteed same day business courier delivery services. The company prides itself over the fact that their quality services have earned them a fleet of loyal clients.

Large companies with delivery vehicles and personnel employed explicitly for this purpose are unlikely to use these services. However, small businesses benefit significantly from courier services. For further information or assistance get in touch with us on 07561 701 993 or send an email to and we will be back in touch as soon as possible.