If you are in need of an efficient, reliable and highly experienced pallet delivery in the UK then Eco Xpress Ltd are the right company for you. 

Consignment of large and heavy parcels is a continuous challenge for business. Loading and offloading parcels would require two to four men and parcel stability could be close to impossible on roads with many corners. 

Wouldn’t it be more convenient to use pallets capable of uplift in and off the vehicle, can seamlessly fit, and are stable during movement?

Pallet courier UK is a delivery service for large, heavy parcels palletised during consignment. The parcels in pallet courier UK services are aligned to the pallet, wrapped with ratchet straps for stability, loaded and offloaded by a forklift or stacker.


At Eco Xpress Limited, we offer pallet courier delivery services designed to ensure your parcels get to you and your customers safely and securely throughout the UK, whichever destination. 

Our company has specialised in door to door, back to back, parcel and document consignment for small and medium enterprises. We have five standard size pallets ranging from a mini quarter to quarter to half to light and to full pallets, all designed to hold parcels as heavy as one ton. 

We have a team of loaders and machine operators trained at handling any parcel or document and drivers who are familiar with the most effective and safe routes all across the UK.

pallet courier uk

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The pick-up of parcels is within sixty minutes after booking, and delivery is on the same day. 

  • Our vans and trucks are installed with GPS for traceability and equipped with twenty-four-hour monitoring cameras for transparency. 
  • Our courier services run around the clock for three hundred and sixty-two days in a year. 
  • Our pallet courier delivery services are affordable and account for all kinds of parcels; fragile, urgent, legal and hefty. 
  • We are in the complete care of your parcels until they physically get to you or your esteemed customers. 
  • Our consignment records and storage facilities, equipped with smoke detectors and sprinklers are only accessible to personnel authorised by you, our esteemed clients.


Open a free trading account with us for convenient invoicing and ease of payment for deliveries. All you have to do is quote for pallet delivery. We will be at your doorstep. In case you have any queries, even about the progress of your consignment, reach out on the contact page to our friendly and experienced customer service agents that operate continuously. We never tire at making sure you, the client are satisfied with our courier services. For any enquiries or help with your pallet delivery UK bookings please call Eco Xpress Ltd now on 07561 701 993 or email admin@ecoxpressltd.co.uk