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courier service

What Does A Courier Service Do?

courier service

If you’re searching for ways to get your parcel from point A to B, then you must have all the info about the various options available to you. Besides, it would be wise to have a method that is going to work correctly for you as well as your situation. Since there’re countless types of courier services to select from, it would be advisable to find out about the service that suits you best.


So, what is a courier company? Well, it is a company that delivers parcels and documents for businesses, individuals, government agencies, and institutions. Courier companies usually use bicycles, motorcycles, delivery trucks, automobiles, aeroplanes, ships, as well as public transportation.


The Services we Offer


As a national courier service in the United Kingdom, we offer door-to-door services for various clients, including banks, hospitals, and legal offices. We offer same-day delivery services to SMEs across the UK. The parcels that our able team delivers may incorporate essential financial or lawful documents, passports, as well as medical samples that customers are reluctant to trust to other kinds of delivery.


Other services that we offer include:


  • Pickup and delivery heavy and large items to their final destination
  • Fast track delivery
  • Global delivery
  • Collecting essential signatures and payments from customers
  • Planning and tracking the most effective routes for delivery


Eco Express national courier service is perfect for the individuals who work from home either occasionally or on a full-time basis. We will make sure that essential packages are delivered to the right individual, quickly and safely.


Why Us?


  • We make life easier for you if you frequently require your essential packages, documents and mails to move from one point to another.
  • We offer incredible services to guarantee that your needs are fully met. For example, we deliver online shopping products, transport pets, and help you to relocate.
  • We boast a team of fully trained, experts, and professional employees.
  • We provide same-day delivery, next day delivery, time-slot delivery, standard delivery, as well as a tracked delivery.


Shipping is a time-consuming and often costly component of your organisation. However, having the appropriate type of delivery service to help you satisfy your courier demands can lessen some of the problems and enhance the service level given to your business partners and customers. Eco Express Limited offers a variety of services as indicated above, including on-demand delivery and priority delivery services. Based in the United Kingdom, we have a reputation founded on the quality of service and flexibility with a focus on how to satisfy customer needs on the best possible way.


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